"Meli" is the Greek word of Honey ! And what is Honey ?

Honey is the product produced by bees. After they have collected nectar (natural juice, insect secretion, tree secretion), they transfer it to the hive. They extract the humidity and then, before they store it, they enrich it with enzymes in order to complete the conversion into honey.

The cane sugar is turned into invert sugar from substances which break it down. So, honey is a food which is easily absorbed  by humans, without side effects.

More than 180 substances have been traced in honey. Generally, we can say that it consists of 16-17% water, 77-78% carbohydrates and 6% all the other ingredients.

The nectar collected by every bee when it goes out to feed is five hundredth of a gram and this small amount is collected from 50-1000 blossoms. Therefore, in order to collect a kilo of nectar, 20 thousands bees must go out to feed, and for one kilo of honey to be produced, which contains quadruple amount of sugar, the bees have to make 80,000 travels and visit from 4 to 80 million blossoms. Supposing that the bee moves away 500 meters only from the hive, to collect nectar, it travels 1 kilometre overall in order to come back as well, so we suppose that in order to a kilo of honey the overall distance that bees cover is 80,000 kilometres, that means two and a half times around earth.