“ If the bees disappear from the surface of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.”
Albert Einstein
The bee fertilizes the nature and belongs to the 80-90% of all insect pollinators. It has been estimated that from a strong two-storey bee-hive at the end of each day, the bees that collect pollen and nectar have at the same time fertilized about seventy million flowers.

The bee's offer to the cultivated plants, ornamental, fruit trees are irreplaceable. In California is almost 80% of the global almond production produced. Irrational uses of pesticides have almost wiped out the wild-bee populations. If it is estimated that crop improvement exceeds 500% when there are bees to fertilize, we understand why growers pay $ 120 per bee-hive to beekeepers for a 30 day presence in blossoming almonds.

Unfortunately, are we already living the silly behavior of the human factor on the planet. Over the last 10 years the bee population has been decimated continuously in America, reaching in some areas 60-70%, scientists called it a colony collapse disorder and of course they are trying to find the cause of it to deal with.

So they found in all attacked populations a neurotoxic virus that paralyzes the bee's nervous system.

The neurotoxic virus of Israel gives hope for a solution. But facts deny, the real cause is mankind. The deforestation (Wheat - Corn - Soya) for monocultures that cover millions of hectares of land destroys biodiversity by rendering the bee 's immune system ineffective.

Mutant plants, nicotine pesticides, kill at once the bees on the ground. The Overcultivation of bee-keeping products weakens the bee's organism. Increasing artificial electromagnetic fields brings more radiation by reducing the physical defense of the organisms, their reproductive ability, but also the navigatonsearch and the return to the bee-hive.