Honey Hive

Honey Hive

Do you like Honey? Would like to have your own specific amount of honey each month? We have the solution for you! 

Each hive of bees can produce anywhere from 40 to 60 kilo of honey in Greece on average per year (depending on a variety of factors such as geographic location, weather, temperature, pests, local flora, and more). Some hives can produce much greater amounts under ideal management conditions. 

So we calculate an average of 4.6 kilos per month that you could have on your table each month in ten different flavors.

Choose your own variety of honey in your own amount depending on your nutritional needs. We offer you partial or total of the hive from the monthly production with a discount of up to 35%. 

So you will be able to consume Pure Greek Honey at the best possible price!!


Get the the Production of Half Hive for 15 % off ( 5 X 460 gr jars of honey )

Get the the Production of Full Hive For 35 % off ( 10 X 460 gr jars of honey )


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