About Us

In 1980, Michalis Ch. Fotolos appeared with his wife Maria Fotopoulou in a cowardly manner as amateur rescue hives in the area of ​​their staff in Akritochori, Messinia.

They produced honey equally for the implementation of the family, for childrens  Christina, Antonia and the younger Charalambos and as hobby. Michalis and Maria decided after a few years, from amateurs to become professional honey producers to share the wonderful taste and nutritional value of honey with all their fellow human beings.

So in 1983 the five hives had become 200 and they were moved from the garden of their house in the wider area of ​​Messiniaki Mani and in the mountains of Taygetos.

in 1984 they became active members in the People's Market of Athens. The excellent quality of their products, made them constantly acquire new customers with a constant value of the old ones. They all sweetened it and generously gave it the beneficial benefits of honey and the rest of their pure products (pollen, royal jelly, and the fragrant herbs of the mountain).

In 1994, his son Charalambos  took over the business, while he attended educational beekeeping seminars and acquired the appropriate knowledge for the profession, which together with the art of his parents compose the secret of success. Parents continue to this day with a lot of appetite and passion to produce honey and all its derivatives, growing the business and taking part in big honeymoon celebrations. They are currently registered with the Kalamata beekeepers' cooperative.


The Melicimo.com  Shop is the trading name of Ecommerce Sales SRL.

Company Address : 155 Calea Victoriei Square, Bucharest, Romania

Bees Home: Messiniaki Mani, Akritoxori, Taigetos mountain.

Plant benefits: Taigetos Mountain and Kolindros Pierias.

Packaging: Nea Fili , Athens